Rachel Lee

Education has been a strong theme in my life and supporting children and young people with difficulties has always been a passion.

As a young tertiary student I delivered an aural language development programme to children impaired by Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.  I also provided private tutoring services for students who required extra assistance.

Whilst forging a career in central government, I volunteered during weekends at the local Riding for the Disabled group to assist the coaches and therapists working with physically and intellectually less able riders to help them learn new skills and build confidence. Eventually my personal interest in supporting kids who face challenges crossed over into my work in the public policy domain, which came to include projects related to special education.

Throughout the years, I’ve also closely witnessed the struggle and successes of young family members faced with their own learning challenges. I have become more than familiar with the wide-ranging implications that living with a specific learning difference can entail.

When three important people from very different parts of my life referred me to the work of Professor Reuven Feuerstein, all with poignant stories and personal anecdotes about the profound impact of the Feuerstein programme, I had to find out more.


The more I discovered, the more I was convinced about the enormous value of the programmes and the broad range of people that can benefit from their application.

I am now a certified Feuerstein lifetime practitioner and am qualified to deliver all the Feuerstein Institute's programmes, including:

  • Basic level (approximately 3 to 9 year olds)

  • Standard level (9+year olds)

  • Tactile-Kinesthetic (ADHD & sight impaired).