"We can't thank you enough for all the care and hard work you have put into our son. 

Our awesome boy goes to school with a spring in his step, no longer worrying about the challenges the school day may bring.  He shows perseverance now and is confident to   try new and more challenging things, both at school and at home. The results over the   last two years have been amazing."

Kirsty Focas (Parent, 2019)

“We would like [our son] to continue to work with you and the FIE programme in term 1.

He thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with you and we can see the connections you’ve made, resulting in his growing confidence and willingness to give things a go.”

(Parents of 9 year old after 7 ½ weeks of sessions, 2017)

"Rachel Lee came into my classroom and worked with 3 boys (yr 4) who struggle with mathematics, and also have various challenges with concentration, engagement & task completion. The boys adored going to her group and chose it over fitness - their favourite activity! Rachel had them fully 'into' their learning with a big focus on reflective thinking and student agency.


As an experienced teacher I was very excited about the impact the Feuerstein exercises had on the boys….I observed a real shift in attitude and self efficacy. I had no hesitation in recommending to parents that the students continue with this programme if possible.


Rachel produced high quality, informative, clear educational reports on the students and showed real insight into how they work as a learner.


Rachel is super flexible & always goes the extra mile….[She] managed to work around the 'reality of a busy school programme'… which can be a real juggling act.


Rachel is very passionate about Feuerstein...[She is] very knowledgeable, with a constant thirst to upskill with the latest courses and different methodologies…Any child that gets the privilege of working with Rachel Lee is a very lucky learner as they will literally have their mind expanded!"

Rachael Laming (Teacher, 2017)

“Rachel worked regularly with a student from my class over a period of 7 weeks.


During this time I noticed a huge change.


He arrived back from her sessions with more confidence and a willingness to give things a go.


I also noticed an improvement in his speech. He spoke using full sentences and could be understood more easily.


The student thoroughly enjoyed his sessions with Rachel.”

Louise Noble (Teacher, 2017)